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Food Services

At Lukfata Public School, we know brain power is connected to good nutrition, and we’re proud to offer wholesome, high-quality meals for all our students. We provide an optional breakfast plan as well as a daily lunch service.

Students bringing lunch from home may opt to buy milk at school or bring a healthy drink from home. To encourage healthy habits, we do not allow carbonated beverages or energy drinks during school hours; please plan accordingly.

Lunch Accounts

We allow students to purchase meals on credit at Lukfata as long as accounts are kept current. Students are billed each month for their meals but cannot continue to charge if payments are not timely. Please keep track of your child’s meal account to ensure he/she may continue to enjoy our lunch service at school. You may pay for meals weekly, monthly, or per semester at Lukfata. Simply bring cash or a check (made out to Lukfata Public School) to the front office, and we will credit the appropriate account.

Food Services Staff

Child Nutrition Program
P: (580) 584-6834 x219
Julia Marlow
Jan Muse
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Misty White
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Tabitha Wright
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We invite you to view or print a copy of our current lunch menu.

Meal Prices


Breakfast: $1.00
Lunch: $1.50
Reduced Breakfast: $0.30
Reduced Lunch: $0.40


Breakfast: $2.00
Lunch: $4.00

Free and Reduced Lunch

Your child may qualify for free or reduced price meals at Lukfata. Please download an application for our program, and return it to the school office: